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New release of cloroutine : New feature : coroutine cloning New guides : delimited continuations + monads Follow up :


Announcing the first release of [com.vodori/schema-forms "0.1.0"]. Schema-forms is a library for converting prismatic schemas into JSON schema that is compatible with Mozilla’s react-jsonschema-form. It’s probably best suited for generating admin interfaces and the like. You can find more information in the readme here: Cheers!

Daniel Hines14:03:18

react-jsonschema-form is absolutely brilliant. Very cool lib!


thanks! also big thanks to @U0GN0S72R for the leg up with schema bijections - helped solve some of the nuance in a clean way


nice! there is also schema-tools, which does conversion, but only for schema->swagger-json-schema (but also for clojurescript). pure json-schema is/was on the roadmap.


Thanks! I had briefly tried the implementation in compojure-api/schema-tools when we were getting started but ultimately wanted something a little more tailored around react-jsonschema-form’s handling of polymorphic objects and abstract schemas, etc. I am sad we don’t yet support clojurescript.


I just wrote an (long overdue) overview of nREPL 0.6 Enjoy!


hey guys I just published 0.3.0-snapshot2 version of Rata. This version adds supports for transaction middlewares. Let me know your thoughts