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Clojurists Together is an organisation dedicated to funding and supporting open source software, infrastructure, and documentation that is important to the Clojure and ClojureScript community. In the last 12 months we've funded improvements to DataScript, Kaocha, cljdoc, Shadow CLJS, CIDER, ClojureScript, clj-http, and Figwheel. We've just finished surveying our members on what they see as important for our next funding round. The main things people were interested in: developer experience tools (55%), build tooling (52%), documentation (49%), error messages (44%), IDE support (35%), test tooling (30%), linters (30%), and data analysis/processing frameworks (26%). Specific projects mentioned were CIDER, Clojure.spec, Re-frame, REPLs, Leiningen, Hiccup, Reagent, Aleph, Re-natal, Figwheel, LightTable, and Datahike. If you maintain a Clojure project, especially one in the areas of focus, or a named project, please consider applying for funding. You can apply at Applications close on 15th Jan, Midnight PST, and the Q1 funding round goes from February 1 - April 31. If you'd like help preparing an application, or have any more questions, you can contact me or any of the team (

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What are developer experience tools?


Hi! Reminder that follow up discussion to posts in #announcements should either go in a thread or in another channel. Thanks!

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@pez figwheel, cider, etc


Thanks. Figwheel fits the description for me, but I think of cider as IDE support.


IDEs themselves are DX tools aren't they? 😃


Indeed, but they had their own category, so that's why I wondered. 😃

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non mece categories! 😢


Wikipedia: ”The MECE concept has been criticized for not being exhaustive, as it doesn't exclude superfluous/extraneous items.”


I think that criticism of MECE is bs though. To include other principles inside MECE itself seems hypocritical to me, i.e. the principle of minimality is superfluous and extraneous to the MECE property. Minimality of categories is certainly another principle you should apply to categorisations, but it feels like a category error to try and include all other principles inside this one. It’s kinda like trying to represent everything with a single mega-category “All Principles”.


Net Promoter Score, a pure clojure library for calculating NPS values has been released

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Cool! Have you looked at kixi.stats? #data-science channel may also be interested....


@U07TTE6RH I haven't, thanks for the tip. This was mostly a learning exercise to put together something simple; I'm just getting started in the community, so I feel confident there's lots of stuff I've missed!


announced it other places, but not here:, a library, CLI tool and website to find clojure.core functions (or any other function that has a spec)

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