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tentacles 0.6.3 has been released on clojars ( - Add :bearer-token option in make-request (#12) - Bump clj-http to 3.9.1 & cheshire to 5.8.1

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New clj-boost release -> Now with better docs ( and a full tutorial ( that's going to work even for Clojure newcomers!

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Alan Ghelardi12:12:48

Hey everyone. I'd like to announce Emidje:, an Emacs minor mode that improves the integration between Cider and Midje. In fact, Emidje was strongly inspired on cider-test and provides a set of keybindings to interact with Midje facts in a more pleasant way inside of Emacs. It was built on top of nREPL and serves as a client for midje-nrepl: The Emidje's readme has a comprehensive (hopefully) list of features. Comments, suggestions and criticizes are always appreciated. Thank you.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:12:22

Clojure 1.10.0-RC3 is now available!msg/clojure/oeodsqbyo84/zCuWhTR0BAAJ - please give it a try now and provide feedback in #clojure or in jira so we could move to a final release!

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Name change appreciated, thanks. It's clear now

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gave my db replication tool the bump to 1.10.0-RC3 as a try , tests still fly. i don't use a whole lot of features though, just the basic clojure itself + data.json + java.jdbc