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4th Edition of FREE Dutch Clojure Day will happen on April 6th 2019, in Amsterdam - Checkout our website Our CFP is now OPEN - And we are looking for sponsors - if you are interested in supporting a community-driven non-profit conference, please get in touch 🙂

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I'm please to announce [com.wsscode/pathom "2.2.0"] is out! Here are the highlights of this version: * A guide to leverage the new features is provided at the book (no breaking changes from 2.1.0, you can update the library and upgrade the details when it's convient for you): * Parallel parser with automatic coordination using connect, I updated the docs prividing information about how it works, you can find at: * Tracer feature that will replace the old profiler, the profiler before could only measure the times of reads, the tracer is more dynamic, event based tracing for the parser, it can annotate any sug-segments * New format to define resolvers/mutations that are pure data (just maps), this new method facilitates the use of shared resolvers/mutations, example libraries coming soon! * All the book examples were updated to use the new map format an encourage it, and there are new sections for parallel parser and other sections got updated * Alias support to rename keys on the output: * The book examples now use the Query Editor from Pathom Viz, so you can get auto-complete and tracing features as you try to book! (try it out, its pretty cool, try the parallel parser demo example: You can find the full change list at

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