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Use io.pedestal.test/response-for as a com.wsscode.pathom.diplomat.http/driver #pathom

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New free Lambda Island episode! (this one covers pretty basic stuff, part 2 will get into the more advanced stuff)

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Shantanu Kumar15:10:48

I just released Promenade 0.7.0 (elegant error handling and control flow) to Clojars, with support for early termination and more:

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Announcing lambdaisland/deep-diff, a mini-lib for diffing data structures and printing the result


nice, this could not have been announced at a more opportune time for me, was just looking around for a diffing library! 😄


small feature suggestion: it would be nice to have a way to only print the diffs, and skip all the parts that match 🙂


man this is great, thanks so much for this! :sports_medal:


@U3L6TFEJF you could take the output of diff and filter it before passing it to pretty-print


yeah, I can work some Specter magic for that, but still would be nice as a built-in IMO, makes the differences more immediate when diffing large data structures


Made a (dirty) fork of humane-test-output to use deep-diff instead of To install locally (via lein localrepo):

### In the terminal
cd /tmp
git clone [email protected]:TristeFigure/humane-test-output.git
cd humane-test-output/
lein uberjar
lein localrepo install target/humane-test-output-0.8.4-SNAPSHOT.jar local.TristeFigure/humane-test-output 0.8.4-SNAPSHOT
cd ..
rm -Rf humane-test-output/

### In ~/.lein/profiles.clj
{:user {:dependencies [[lambdaisland/deep-diff "0.0-8"]
                       [local.TristeFigure/humane-test-output "0.8.4-SNAPSHOT"]]
        :injections [(require 'pjstadig.humane-test-output)

Vincent Cantin01:10:28

@U07FP7QJ0 I heard about this diff project ( that is more recent than the one you use (, maybe worth giving it a try.


basic "hello world" example for shadow + hoplon + electron (w/reload) (w/rock solid cider nrepl connection):

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