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tony.kay01:08:40 Fulcro spec 2.2.1 released. This new version better explains how it can be used with clojure.test to augment your testing experience, and includes two new mocking utilities that verify the clojure.spec conformance of mocks to prevent unit tests that pass for bad reasons.

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Chris Burgin03:08:16

Released my first Clojure package today, Marker!


Discussions about announcements should happen in other channels. Feedback on your code could be in #code-reviews Feedback on the library itself could happen in #clojure (unless you feel another channel is more appropriate).

Chris Burgin04:08:40

Awesome, updated post to remove feedback discussion, thanks for the direction on discussion location Sean!


After over 1 year without a release clj-refactor.el 2.4 and refactor-nrepl 2.4 are finally out! Read the important highlights here … TLDR; They work with Java 9+, CIDER 0.17+ and nREPL 0.4.x. 🙂

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