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I’ve released Specmonstah, a library for setting up test data in a database:

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Hi Daniel, congrats on releasing Specmonstah — I think it’s really promising and the docs are especially impressive! I just wanted to share one quick thought — you described it above as being “for setting up test data in a database” — this makes sense, but might be a bit limiting? e.g. I’m working on a project that works with graphs, and there’s no database involved. I’m interested in using Specmonstah to power a custom generator for the spec for my graph — it might be a powerful way to make my generative tests even more effective. Does that make any sense?


@U69US348Z that makes sense! and the description is indeed limiting. I’m still trying to figure out how to describe it one or two lines 😛

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the idea is more that it gives you a way to succinctly express what graph of entities you want to create, and then a way to do things with those entities in topsort order (even that is limiting in that it handles cycles, which can’t be topsorted)

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Yeah, I definitely see the challenge. I’m working on a framework for software architecture diagramming and it’s difficult to explain the value proposition in a concise phrase. And with Specmonstah you have the additional challenge that an accurate description could seem too abstract/theoretical to some people, could scare them off or otherwise repel them; a more concrete description is likely to be more friendly.

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