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Bobbi Towers02:08:44

I set up a Cryogen site on Gitlab using these directions: but then I thought hey, that was easy, but what if it was as easy as Jekyll Now, a project you simply fork for an instant site on Github Pages. So I went ahead and made one:

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Hi guys, I just published, lambdahackers is a reddit-like community for programmers to discuss and share. I'm using shadow-cljs by @thheller, rum and citrus by @roman01la, with server side rendering and pwa support.

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Thanks a lot for open sourcing this, gave me some inspiration for how you can solve things! Great job 🙂


Thanks for your kind words! Ask any problems in the repo if you have.


That's really cool!

Bobbi Towers16:08:24

New Clojure blog Just Juxt! Every day I post a different solution using juxt, beginning today with the Fibonaccis.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:08:58

Every day?!!! Can’t wait to see this next year... :)

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Bobbi Towers22:08:52

Will do. Thanks for telling me about it!

Bobbi Towers20:08:05

Wow, weird. Thanks for letting me know!