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Fucro 2.6.0-RC6 is now available on clojars. This rounds out the new React 16+ lifecycle support, a rework of the rendering for better React 16+ compatibility, and a few bug fixes.


I'd like to get Clojure(Script) open-source maintainers thinking about fully automating the release processes for their projects, so here's a blog post about it:


I’d love to see that being more of a thing. I’m wondering: with fully automated releases how would you tag releases in git or otherwise mark revisions? Would CI push that info back into your git repo?


Yeah, exactly


^ i can see this integrating with something like lein-v which allows uniquely identifying non-release builds


the nice thing about the approach with lein-v is that it decouples releasing from versioning information Benefits of lein-v: - You don't need to give your build system git write access - You avoid having noisy version bump commits in your code (because it's driven from git tags)


I'm kinda automating my releases, publishing a -SNAPSHOT release every merge to master and publishing a version every tag...


But I'm not using lein-v (yet? Maybe?)