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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)10:10:03

Hey all, if you’re thinking of contributing, and want a t-shirt (or a tree planted in your name), we’re participating in Hacktoberfest!

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what are issues that you want to prioritize?


I just made I myself want to see asap. Happy to help with other stuff too.


Ah great, I also meant to do that for the same reason :D

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)13:10:46

Weird, the Circle checkout phase is failing again. ???


I found which seems to be about the same issue. But if the multiple slashes were the problem, it should have never worked, shouldn't it :thinking_face:


Hm mabye it's caused by the / in your branch name @UAEH11THP

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)13:10:38

Maybe, but I tend to label my branches git flow-style, too


i could try re-pushing on a non-/ branch but it's never caused a problem before

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)13:10:13

And our circle config file has barely changed in two years


Hmm yeah seems unlikely to be the culprit. The original branch name doesn't even show up in the output.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)13:10:16

@UAEH11THP Can you try adding some whitespace and push up another commit? (We’ll squash later.)


My best guess is that CircleCI changed something on their end wrt how they check out PRs


Hm no, the script is no different from when it last worked in a similar case

dergutemoritz14:10:54 looks very relevant: > We identified an issue with the checkout action download which was causing elevated actions failures. But according to them, it should have been fixed 2 hours ago already.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:10

That’s not quite true. This section:

if [ "$existing_repo" = 'true' ] || [ 'false' = 'true' ]; then
  echo 'Fetching from remote repository'
  if [ -n "$CIRCLE_TAG" ]; then
    git fetch --force --tags origin
    git fetch --force origin +refs/heads/master:refs/remotes/origin/master
became this:
if [ "$existing_repo" = 'true' ] || [ 'true' = 'true' ]; then
  echo 'Fetching from remote repository'
  if [ -n "$CIRCLE_TAG" ]; then
    git fetch --force --tags origin
    git fetch --force origin +refs/pull/630/head:refs/remotes/origin/pull/630


That's a similar case in that it also uses the refs/pull thing


the only difference there is the PR ID


Ah, the whitespace push did the trick 👍


Now the check is failing with a legitimate error 🙂


i kinda expected something like that to be necessary... that's why i opened

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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:30

Build 200 is much, much older, but yeah, it has the same script and worked


@UAEH11THP Does the failing check's output suffice to steer you to the solution? (curious because it's the first time it comes up 😄)

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:55

It’s something new to support deps.edn


Right - I tried to make the error and hwo to resolve it self-explanatory 🤞


I was confused by the "deps/lein-to-deps". I thought it meant lein deps or lein-to-deps, not realizing there's a deps folder

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:12

It feels like there should be a way to automate it, or at least automate the check, with git pre-commit or something


A bit too heavy for pre-commit


at work i have a lein alias that runs lein ancient upgrade and lein pom then all i need is run lein update-deps and it just does all the steps we use the pom.xml to get dependabot alerts, so it's a very similar workflow to this


@U10EC98F5 it involves two lein invocations which makes it too slow to run on every commit IMHO

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:38

Hmmm, yeah, I didn’t know it was so slow


@UAEH11THP Yeah it could be written as a Leiningen task instead and I started doing that initially but it became pretty unwieldy. Another option would be to invoke the shell script via Leiningen but that would add yet another heavy lein invocation 😬


FWIW, I also condidered babashaka but didn't want to add another external dependency because that's also quite unwieldy to do the way things are set up right now


running it shouldn't be a common occurrence so just documenting it is fine imo


But I see how the error message can be misunderstood the way you did - making a note to improve it

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:26

Can bb easily get the lein deps, regardless? How hard would it be to duplicate the output of lein pprint without lein?


@U10EC98F5 At that point I didn't yet have the epiphany of using lein pprint and would have implemented a good enough parser for the raw project.clj

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:17

I don’t personally mind adding bb as a dep. It’s used in many of the CircleCI builds already, so it’s not a new depthere


-        echo "ERROR: ${f} needs to be re-generated via deps/lein-to-deps" >&2
+        echo "ERROR: ${f} needs to be re-generated using the script \"deps/lein-to-deps\"" >&2

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Ah so the Clojure image we're using already has it? I assumed not. Well then, will keep it in mind 🙂


@UAEH11THP lgtm! Feel free to include in your PR

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:01

I don’t think it does, or if it does, I don’t think it’s kept up-to-date with the speed of bb development. Pretty sure slipset wrote a script to download the latest as needed


Ah yeah, that's the unwieldiness I didn't want to drag in 😄


At least in this particular case, given the lein pprint situation, it wouldn't have been worth it.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:45

I guess if it’s only needed when updating deps, we can live with it. Can we add a comment reminding us in the project.clj?

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:04

Not just the CONTRIBUTING file, but inline with the deps themselves

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Certainly wouldn't hurt!

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:10:03

@UAEH11THP Do you want to continue working on


for this PR i think so yeah. unless you want me to add anything dependency-update specific


@UAEH11THP Great initiative! Left you some feedback on that one

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Merged! Two more to go and the shirt is yours 😄


Or your name on the tree, of course!


haha, i've cleared the hacktoberfest bar on 10/1 already. i'm just happy to see aleph come back to life


I was checking out Jetty the other day qnd saw they have a Conformance / HTTP compatibility information and I think even tests. Is there something like this for Aleph? a list of RFCs that aleph (tries) to conform with? Is there a TCK to check? is there prior work or interest in this direction?

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)03:10:43

@U011NGC5FFY I don’t believe there’s any such thing, but PRs would be welcome.


I'm aware of for http/2 and the apparently since-then-unmaintained for http/3 but I don't know of any for http/1.1

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)06:10:18

Well, you know, we would like to support HTTP 2 and 3… 😉


thanks for the info and the links. will check them out


i have implemented http/2 before in clojure on top of netty so i can help with that. i also tried my hands at http/3 but their incubator project was too early at that time so i bailed.

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