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A GET request I make successfully via clj-http is failing when made through aleph. There is an exception thrown with connection was closed after 0.072 seconds. Does anyone know or know where to find the differences in defaults between clj-http and aleph when making a GET request. I’m hoping it is just a header that is missing or something like that which will resolve it. We use aelph exclusively and I do not want to have to introduce a second HTTP client library.


solved: needed to upgrade from 0.4.6 to 0.5.0

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)05:08:36

Glad to hear upgrading worked. What was the request, btw? It might be useful to know, if others run into the issue


The company I work for integrates with restaurant POS systems and it was for the integration with Casey’s pizza, so pretty niche but that was it.


it seems to be a fairly simple request, curious how it failed with aleph. Do you happen to know what was improved specifically from 0.4.6 to 0.5.0?

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)07:08:27

Hard to say, 0.4.6 is four years old, and according to the changelog, there have been 130+ changes since then.