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I want to test something against a local proxy:

(require '[aleph.http :as aleph]
         '[manifold.deferred :as d])

(def aleph-pool (aleph/connection-pool {:connection-options
                                        {:proxy-options {:host "localhost"
                                                         :port 8080}}}))

(d/on-realized (aleph/get url {:pool aleph-pool})
               (fn [r] (println "Status: " (:status r)))
               (fn [e] (println "Error type: " (type e))))
but I am running into io.netty.handler.ssl.NotSslRecordException whenever I request a https site. Can I somehow circumvent this on the client side or do I need to fix the ssl certificates for my proxy server? I am not having this issue with other clients like http-kit.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)13:11:29

Hmm, this sounds like a bug I saw recently…

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)13:11:33

Nm, that was for tests, I doubt it would apply here. @UL638RXE2 I would try setting up a valid local TLS cert if you can.


Yes, probably the best approach. Also realized that only http-kit has no issues with the proxy.