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Love seeing Aleph et al moving again, great work @kingmob!


Does anyone know if there are any plans for Gloss to get adopted under the clj-commons umbrella, or what the process is to help that happen?

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)13:10:29

Thanks @thom704, just trying to help. I could use some assistance from people who know Netty, though. There aren’t any plans for Gloss, afaik. Best bet is to reach out to Erik (slipset) to see what would be involved. Do you have some changes or bugfixes you want to see added?


are there issues around netty?

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)18:12:19

@UAEH11THP Some bug fixes are needed, but mostly Aleph needs updating to the latest netty it’s a bit behind


I can help with that. Where do you manage issues like that?

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)20:12:11

@UAEH11THP Mostly in GitHub. I’m away and don’t recall if there’s a particular story, but we need to build Aleph with the latest netty and make sure it all works. Then we can consider taking advantage of any new features if there some worth using


All right gonna look through it and see if there's anythign i can help with