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right, I'll send an email to aleph google groups so his answer is saved for posterity (on Slack the information will disappear after a few days, and on Twitter, well, it's not the most easily searchable 😉 )


is there a representation of aleph that implements CloseableHttpClient?


i'd need to pass an object like that to another java lib


@vale Do you mean aleph http client? server object implements Closeable, but for the client it’s a bit different… there’s actually no such thing as “client”. you have a connection pool (created by you or default one) which is represented as flow/instrumented-pool. you can probably try to extract a list of open connections to close them when necessary


i'm not sure if i actually need to close them either... there's a library that uses the apache commons http client internally, but if possible i'd prefer not to have another http dependency if i can just use aleph already.


In that case you need not simply Closable, you need an instance of (or an instance of subclass). You can use reify to define execute methods, but as far as I understand… all of those methods are supposed to be blocking, right?


In that case you probably won’t see any advantages of using Aleph