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I'm trying to write a networking app with Aleph and Manifold but am a confused newb so any help would be appreciated. I'm going over the aleph.examples.tcp code and I think I understand how that works but it's all self contained in a single project/app.


What I tried to do is with my server app use the tcp example and with my client app I used (def s (s/stream)) thinking that when I used @(s/put! c 1) and @(s/take! c) my client app would connect to my server app but I get a connection refused in my app and my server app just stops running without any output.


on the server side of things I changed the handler from inc to (fn [x] (do (println (str "server: " x)) x)) and then wrapped @(s/put! c 1) on the client in a print statement so I could see that each app was getting/sending data but other than that I am using line for line the aleph.examples.tcp code


Oh; I figured it out. I needed (.wait-for-close s)