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I'm trying to wrap my head around aleph


What I've surmised so far is that aleph decomplects the order in which you get things from the time in which you get things


for instance in a core.async channel you can't get something until you receive the things that come before it


in Aleph, you can receive references to stuff in the order that you ought to receive them, but the references might be realized in a different order


the third one you got might be available sooner than the first one


is that about right?


@bcbradley Aleph, actually manifold, to me feels like a mix between core.async and the future and promise primitives of clojure itself. For async operations, you have more flexibility with Manifold than with core.async as that is more macro based and less composable. But the basic principles are more similar than you might think at first. I would recommend reading all the docs in the github repo/website and playing around with the code. At the same time also try to achieve similar things with core.async to get a feel how they are different/the same