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@lmergen sounds cool. How do you tie them all together? Do you have some mutable context object?


I'm looking to do a similar thing with #yada in the medium-term. and Zach's talk has been very interesting (although I've only got half-way, with Zach's talks I often have to pause and rewind to have time to ponder on his wisdom!)


yada does the same kind of FSM as Zach is talking about, but without the nice per-step error handling (yada uses manifold's d/chain and a single d/error, although with capturing a passport it would be possible to demultiplex the error handling into something more akin to his design. I guess it would also be possible to build a custom d/chain where each link would have a custom error handler.


I've been planning a 'API Gateway' or 'API Console' front-end for a year now, which would integrate with metrics-capturing that could. be built into yada - we've had some false starts there, but I think the passport idea is the next thing to try, thanks Zach for a nice talk