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Hi -- i'm a novice clojurite, with zero experience contributing to open source projects. My intro to compsci was through Pure Data 4 years ago when i was studying music composition, and i flirted with several languages before learning about the LISP family last summer. I have some ideas about the automation of film & game scoring that i'd like to try and implement within 2 years, but in the near future i'm really just trying to build my skills with development, specifically with clojure.


i've been exploring Alda and doing a little composing, and I'll keep an eye on the Waffle page if I see anything my speed. Hope to talk soon.


@tfwuing welcome! your story resonates with me as someone who also studied music composition and then got into programming/open source later


feel free to ping me if you need any help with alda or clojure, i'm happy to help!