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Christian Pekeler12:06:46

Has anyone compared AI dev tools by their usefulness for Clojure yet? I’m wondering if there’s anything better than Copilot (which keeps messing up my parens). Possible list

Christian Pekeler12:06:14

Not sure this is the best channel for this question…

Rupert (All Street)12:06:21

All tools so far seem pretty bad at Clojure. Even models from REPL-IT (which I think uses Clojure) struggles. I like to think there is less boilerplate code in Clojure so their may be less need compared to other languages. When you do find an AI tool - it's likely to be either (A) something that plugs into your IDE (e.g. copilot) or (B) a chat interface that you copy/paste into/from. There is an attempt to build an Open Source LLM that can produce Clojure code #C054XC5JVDZ but we're still at a very early stage with it.

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I find CoPilot to often have good suggestions, but the bracket havoc it creates makes me run without the inline suggestions. I use the chat interface (beta, there is some signup somewhere) instead. But the UI is a bit lacking compared to ChatGPT so I often use that instead.

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