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I'm interested in Clojure for AI projects. So far a lot of work seems to be done with wrappers for exisiting frameworks. I wonder why people here use Clojure instead of Python, R, Julia, Scala, etc. What is the advantage? Or is my understanding of these "wrappers" wrong? I think of them as a layer to functions in other programming languages. So when these to all the work, what is so special in using clojure to call them and not rely on Python with the huge ecosystem of libraries that is available?


I already asked this in #clojure and was adviced to ask here as well.


Also, while I haven't used it myself it seems that there is a very good Clojure/Python FFI as well, libpython-clj, so you wouldn't have to give up the ecosystem of libraries either. In case someone else runs into this question 🙂