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thinking about playing around with Advent of Code this year with Clojure - if i’m completely new to clojure/lisp what’s a decent resource to start with to get comfortable?

Ben Lieberman18:11:37

If I'm not mistaken I've seen some videos of AoC problems being solved with Clojure, if that seems interesting to you.


great! that’d be a decent starting place i’m sure

Ben Lieberman18:11:33

Let me find them


much appreciated


4clojure has some good exercises to get you familiar with various clojure functions --

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ryan echternacht12:11:04

If you're looking for editor support, I'd recommend Calva on VSCode (unless you're already very comfortable with emacs or vim, at which point there are good plugins for those)

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If you learn by example, check the pins in this channel, there’s a wide variety of approaches


Back in 2018 I've written a post for beginners, where I explain step-by-step how to solve AOC problem in Clojure REPL: (sorry for shameless plug :man-shrugging: ). It may be helpful to see how to approach probelms in Clojure.