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🧵 Day 25 Solutions Thread: post your solution here

Andrew Byala07:12:01

Nothing too tricky here, but I threw in a multi-method mostly to make the code and blog a little more interesting for my non-Clojure coworkers to read. •

Antonio Bibiano12:12:46

I forgot there was no part 2

Antonio Bibiano12:12:19

so i kept track of the empty spaces too because I figured it would ask to find the biggest empty space or something 😄


doc: code: Cool bit: > This is my first use of `as→`. I always thought it obfuscating, but I like it here.

(defn step [dx dy grid]
  (as-> grid g
    (reduce (partial shift dx dy g) g (filter-vals #{\>} grid))
    (reduce (partial shift dx dy g) g (filter-vals #{\v} grid))))


It’s too silent today here. Congras everyone who managed to finish Advent of Code 2021. 🎉 And even if you didn’t finish, I believe you got some fun by solving the problems. Maybe one day, you will. 🙌:skin-tone-2:

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🎉 2

I ran out of time to solve each day around day 15. My goal is now to finish this year before next year starts 😆

Miķelis Vindavs21:12:34

Thanks everyone for sharing your solutions and insights! It was interesting to see the different approaches everyone took

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@U89SBUQ4T that’s one of the aspects of AoC why I like solving it in time. Always learn something new by reading other’s approaches.


I am still stuck somewhere in 2016 ¯\(ツ)


after AoC 2020 I was solving 2015, 2016 and almost all 2017