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Vincent Cantin05:12:46

Good morning

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Day 5 probably would have been a lot easier if I had carefully read the problem.. Not too bad though..


Day 5 done. I found the wording of part 2 to be very confusing. Lost time trying to figure out WTF was being asked for. Once I understood, the solution was pretty simple.

Vincent Cantin06:12:40

My cat started screaming right at that time, making it very difficult to focus on the problem. 📝 memo: take the cat away for tomorrow’s puzzle.


Agreed, the wording of part 2 took a while to interpret. I thought the description in part one was also a very long winded way to describe binary that could easily lead someone down a very long unproductive path. I suspect that was intentional and that you’re supposed to be rewarded (with time savings) for insights that lead to dramatically simpler solutions. I’m pretty happy with my 6 line solution to part 1. Part 2 took another 2 lines but is slightly hacky. Looking forward to seeing other approaches.

Vincent Cantin06:12:41

I solved part2 before I had a correct expression to solve it, just by doing some data exploration … the solution appeared clearly in the middle of false positives.


Good morning. Probably can be done nicer using an index instead of a vector representation but it’s Saturday. I hope to see an example with index later today 🙂


I didn't know about step argument in partition-all . Literally yesterday had to implement the pairs function manually


Nice! @U07FP7QJ0 any info about your env setup? Is that vim plus what?


Planning to get that to a shippable state during the christmas/new years holidays

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