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Day 15's definitely a sketcher. I'll try it tomorrow if I have the time - which I should, I think.


Note to self: generic BFS grid implementation, because it aaaaalways shows up.


Got it with depth first search + backtracking. I already had an a*-algorithm in a util namespace from previous AoC’s that I could use ::blush:


wow, why core-sync?


My intcode machine implementation uses core.async ever since the amplifiers puzzle. Inputs and outputs are delivered through channels. It may be overkill, but I wasn't sure how to make a generic machine that can work with any number of inputs and any number of outputs in any order. Running it is a bit messy and deadlocks are annoying during development, but I haven't really had to tweak the implementation since the last three puzzles that used it


legacy code, ok opieop

namenu13:12:37 thanks to last year's me, i could reuse my version of bfs.


It was so tempting to try and solve day 14 using an integer linear programming library - just convert the problem statement and plug into a solver! But unfortunately the domain seemed to be too large to handle in reasonable time


If you think you are smarter than Eric, you are not…


Time to make pretty pictures. 🎨