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Pivoted to “Advent of CLJC”, main challenge is now to create portable solutions.


Gonna be doing a warmup round at 12:00 CST today!


I wasn’t able to watch the stream live but watched the recording and this has been very informative! Thanks a lot for doing these :thumbsup:

metal 4

that’s in 2h10m if I’m reading correct


Hey all, is this the channel for all advent of code or just clojure? What I'm really looking for is the url to receive and submit challenges to if I were doing the advent of code in clojure.

Mario C.17:11:19

Is there a leaderboard?

markbastian17:11:47 <- is that it? Sorry, I haven't participated before and it isn't clear where to get on board.

Mario C.17:11:33

Yea so once Dec 1 comes around the number one becomes clickable. Then you can read the challenge and they provide your input data and all they care about is the result. So they will have an input field for the solution where you just type it in. @markbastian


Thanks so much. I was thinking it was language specific, but I'll just head over to tomorrow morning.


the challenges just allow entering an answer so any language will do. people did it in postgres last year. probably tex or something equally crazy


wow, that's interesting. wonder if anyone did them in COBOL


@markbastian Not trying to over-plug my thing, but in 10min you can see exactly what the process looks like during my stream.

Mario C.17:11:17

Is there a leaderboard for the channel?


I'll have to check it out when I get off work. Thanks!


i'm sure someone did them in cobol


regex AoC anyone?

Mario C.18:11:52

I still can't fathom how some people are solving them in 1-3 mins


heh, yeah


some are pretty fast, but you can find puzzles that take more than an hour


I know someone from Twitter who did it in pure Postgres last year and will do so this year

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