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Good news folks, cloverage has a new maintainer (it’s me). If you care about cloverage and have a favorite pet peeve, please don’t hesitate to file an issue at or come talk to us at #C1X4N5XR6 🙂 First order of business is putting a dent in the PR backlog and cleaning up the issue tracker...


Do cljs-devtools get automatically updated or is there some sort of manual update process?


@johanatan: this channel is for announcements only, I suggest you take this question to #C03S1L9DN

Yehonathan Sharvit18:08:55 This article is an attempt to share in an interactive way, one of the most aesthetic idea of computer science: the Y combinator. The Y combinator allows to write recursive functions without names. Hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing about the Y combinator.


(discussions -> #C03S1KBA2 please folks)