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@risto nice work. I had a peak just to see what it was, and 10min later I had to pull myself away from it.


@stunami: @vinnyataide @michaelmrose @risto Hi, please take your chat to the appropriate channel like #C03S1KBA2 or #C053AK3F9 or #C03RZGPG3 . this channel notifies every single one of the slack members here. Thank you


@nonrecursive: Noticed the job boards the other day, interesting slant, looks like a pretty good way to earn a little while also not being evil, esp with the ClojureBridge donations. Good luck. BTW, enjoyed the book enough to order a copy a few months back, keep it up.


Hi. Would like to announce our UK curated conference on October 6th: XT16. Showcasing Clojure and beyond. An intro here: simple_smile