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@lumengxi: yes, I go thru 116 slides in one meetup 😬 It’s the first community meetup in Taiwan, I just want to let attendees know more on Clojure’s ecosystem and what it can does.


NICCEEEEE!!!! Congrats!


thanks 😄


[ANN] io.aviso/pretty 0.1.26 Library for helping print things prettily, in Clojure - ANSI fonts, formatted exceptions To get around Clojure 1.8 deep linking, io.aviso.repl/install-pretty-exceptions now reloads clojure.test after overriding other functions (such as clojure.stacktrace/print-stack-trace). This problem manifested as exceptions reported by clojure.test being presented using the default implementation of clojure.stacktrace/print-stack-trace, but only with Clojure 1.8. This change restored pretty exception output for clojure.test.


Here’s another thing I put together recently: Ever wonder how to properly use a bunch of Clojure technology together: * core.async * component * io.aviso/config * walmartlabs/active-status * walmartlabs/system-viz * and tools.cli for good measure? Well, look no further.


Here’s a Clojurescript collaborative coding environment I’ve been working on, feel free to erase everything/do whatever—I’m trying to get an idea of the load characteristics.


(click the auto-eval button to let strangers execute arbitrary code on your computer! exciting!)


pretty sure you can also start up your own instance if you clone, heroku init, git push heroku master