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Released Replumb 0.2.1 with ClojureScript 1.8.34 support (and Mike's fixes for self-hosted environments). Check it out! ->


Hi, I'm going a little crazy using db->tree, and have some questions.


First, db->tree takes 3 arguments, a query, some state A, some state B. State B always seems to be the whole normalized db, @reconciler or the state value from read's env argument.


What is state A though? I set it to nil once, and it didn't change the results. The documentation doesn't say either. I would be quite willing to help with the documentation if that is welcome, and if I can manage to get myself into an enlightened state.


@francoiswirion: Best to ask in #C03S1KBA2 — this channel is intended only for announcements that all 5,430 members need to see.


@seancorfield Gosh, sorry, I thought I was in #C06DT2YSY. I must have opened this recently with your announcement. I wondered why it was so quiet.