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Fluokitten New version 0.4.0 after 2.5 years simple_smile - many useful monadic functions implemented for clojure datastructures


HTTPS links on github pages give ssl errors, so the address is


@blueberry: Awesome work.. tks for sharing


Hello everybody!


Hi @thierrymarianne. I think we avoid greetings in this channel and just post announcements.


@blueberry: Looking forward to playing with the Neanderthal library this week. Great set of libraries you have there at uncomplicate.


since this channel is the first thing a new user sees when he logs in, would be nice to have some kind of welcome message with some guidance about the myriad of channels we have


@nkraft thanks. I hope you'll enjoy using them simple_smile


@nkraft If you are interested in ML, I am working on a GPU-backed bayesian ML library that I hope to release in the next several months


@nkraft and, expect new neanderthal release in a few days. it supports fluokitten API


This Channel’s "Details" says Please keep conversations to other channels as everyone is auto-joined here ("Shh! This is a library!") but Slack doesn’t provide any automated welcome message facility as far as I know. Follow-up discussions about Clojure -> #C03S1KBA2 or about Slack -> #C04V84U7G


walmartlabs/system-viz 0.1.1 system-viz is a tiny, simple library to visualize a system, constructed using Stuart Sierra's component library. You may now control the output format (for example, to output as SVG or PNG, rather than PDF). The enabled flag has been removed; visualize-system will now always visualize the system. Invalid dependencies are now highlighted in red.


io.aviso/config 0.1.11 Smart and flexible system configuration This release simplifies (in an incompatible way) the naming convention for configuration files, and removes the :prefix option. Documentation has also been improved.


hey yall, I’ve created a site to help people find (and list) active open source clojure projects to contribute to:


that is the difference of that with clojure-toolbox?


my understanding is that clojure toolbox is a directory of projects to use, whereas helps people find projects to contibute to - projects that are under active development and looking for contributions


the beginner-friendly flag in particular will help new clojurists find projects to hack on


walmartlabs/active-status 0.1.4 An update-in-place status board for asynchronous processes inside your Clojure command line application. It is now possible to set a prefix for a job; typically used to identify the job (much like a thread name). An alternate, simplified implementation of the status board is now available as This is suitable for use during development, when a proper terminal is not available. Added a simple component wrapper around the status board.