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I believe that new members are added to this channel automatically so it can become a sensitive issue if certain discussions take place here, but I don't honestly know what the purpose of this channel is. Perhaps it should be treated like the lobby of a building and a certain amount of discussion takes place until the appropriate room is found on a directory or polite suggestion from the Information Desk person kind of idea.


Your question is about clojure libraries, so it doesn't seem like #C03RZGPG3 would work well. At the same time this conversation might be perceived as annoying noise as it is so abstract in nature - you aren't offering to help, just doing research to satisfy your curiosity, correct? And please don't take that as a criticism of what you are doing.


I don't think there is a good room for this conversation.


when in doubt, reactji performance art


yeah. could post in clojure and clojurescript and ask for direct message responses


pkobrien: i like the lobby metaphor, seems like a good idea


jonahbenton: ask for direct messages because it's unlikely that anyone else will want to see the discussion, or because it might be rude to say that particular libraries could be better maintained?


@atroche: for both those reasons, and your avatar isn't a real person, and it doesn't sound like you are a clojure developer. Honestly, I don't think you'll get responses from anyone unless they are bored and just want to chat. Just being honest.


pkobrien: thanks for the honesty! that's useful feedback


@atroche: np How long have you been programming in Clojure and what's your favorite library so far?


~2 years as a hobby, then 6 months professionally


and prismatic's schema, i'd say, just because I get so much use out of it — form validation, generating parts of my UI, generating test data, and getting assertions about data shape when I use fnk syntax


We should probably change the topic / purpose for this channel so it's clearer that this is an unpartable channel and most discussions should happen in specific channels.


agreed, would've helped me simple_smile


Clojure questions in #clojure and ClojureScript questions in #clojurescript ... We have lots of channels 😸


my confusion stemmed from having a question that wasn't platform-specific


when I see clojure I think JVM clojure, but maybe that's just me


Welcome @atroche ! Def. worth setting up your profile so folks are more likely to engage as @meow hinted.


@atroche: do you do mostly clojure or clojurescript and is there any specific area in which you'd like to donote your volunteer efforts that I could point you to?


@seancorfield: how are you doing those response snippet things? You're the only one I ever see doing that?


pkobrien: it's an even split, and i'm definitely not looking to write open source code outside of what I need changed (e.g., it really was just intellectual curiosity


if I had time I'd like to unify clj-time and cljs-time so that I don't need to use reader conditionals in my application code so much


okay, well unless @seancorfield says otherwise this sounds like #C03RZGPG3 to me since we don't have #watercooler


wait, talking about clojure libraries is off-topic for the #C03S1KBA2 channel?


in any case, i'll stop clogging up #C03RZGPG1 now


@meow: I just copy and paste the link to the post I'm replying to.


For the record, I want to be very strident in that not having a picture of oneself as your avatar should not in any way be indicative of your ‘realness’ as a person. Some people use pseudonyms, some people don’t use their photo as their avatar… they’re just exercises in privacy. You can search for my full name on Google Images all you want and you’ll never find a photo of me but I’m pretty real.


@akiva: I agree completely and didn't mean to imply that a "real" picture was any better, just that the generic avatar stands out and in my mind my initial impression is to associate that with someone who hasn't bothered and could therefore likely be a troll or spammer.


@akiva: You and many others that have been on here since the beginning are as real to me as can be, even though I've only ever seen a non-photo representation of you


Understood. It’s just a hot-button topic with me. I have a lot of friends in EFF and people who, for example, still battle against Facebook’s ‘real name only’ policies and stuff like that.


I hope to be at ClojureWest in April. But there will still be no photos taken of me. It’s a huge no-no for me.


and I totally respect that, trust me - I hope to be there too - I'll tell you stories about myself that you won't even believe


Hah, we’ll wear away the hours one-upping each other. It’ll be a blast.


@akiva That the main reason we allow usernames here, slack has the ability for me to force Real Names only and I just flat out refuse to, it would alienate a lot of people


and I don't have a "real picture myself", but that's for many reasons Priamarily I don't like pictures of myself lol but also because I've been using a picture of this theme for many many years, so I think it would we weird to change it now. I do however provide my real name as well (I have nothing to hide under this username), my adulteratedjedi and realname persona seem to merge


I did used to keep them separate years ago, but now not so much


@gjnoonan, back in my IRC days, I used a handle but these days I just use my real name everywhere. In fact, I tend to get fussy if I can’t get my real name and will join services just to camp on it like I did with Peach yesterday. Heh.


@gjnoonan: You mean you aren’t actually Shaggy?


@adamtrilling: ha, in a former life ;-)