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Any Chrome users up for some low-effort user testing? This is a bit of a personal experiment I’m writing in ClojureScript: Rather not do any intro beyond that to see if the copy’s actually readable. simple_smile


@ricardo: Just installed. I will test it as I go... Incidentally, I wrote an extension using cljs and reactjs long time ago. And another one is in the pipeline.


Hey @jaju, thanks. If you’re writing Chrome extensions, have you looked at Khroma? I’m actively developing it as I go.


Awesome! I had heard of khroma, and that’s in my to-look-at-list when I start developing another extension! Nice!


👍 Cool!


Let me know what you think, both re Relevance and Khroma. It would be useful to have some notes on Khroma of someone else who’s also actively doing extensions. This is my first one, so I may not have run into some dead ends yet.


Sure, @ricardo! My extension is still some time away, once I am done with another part of the application I am building right now. I’m going to keep your blog handy. I’m afraid relevance will push it far to the right for now since this will be in my to-read list in the future! 😄


@ricardo: Looks interesting, and would be very useful right now simple_smile. But sadly I’m on FF.


@cfleming: Alas. I’m a Chrome user, so I figured I’d start there.


@ricardo: Hehe, no problem - I think Chrome is easier for plugins anyway


It’s well documented at least.


Even if everything’s async. “Hey, what was that int I just saved? “Um, let me get back to you”. I’m not sure I’d have written this if it wasn’t for core.async.