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@kurtlazarus: Re: "You know how designers create style guides for themselves/clients? Devcards is like that, for developers, on steroids."... that's not my take on Devcards. The key thing I got out of it was the flattening of application state so one can see various combinations of components quickly without a lot of interaction.


@xpe I actually don’t think we disagree. In the same vein, readme’s & blogs & guides can be written in devcards. You can show how your code handles different scenarios. Bruce demonstrates this in his 2048 devcards page. You could iterate quickly upon code for your own self with each card adding a bit more code or showing different examples. You then have this page of card which you can hand to other devs or even a client.


It definitely forces you to write your code in such a manner where you can stub out arguments in a certain method is expecting in order to add some constraints and focus on that particular function


@kurtlazarus: I'm with you on that last part. I didn't understand what you were saying before about "style guides"


@xpe: You’re right, the metaphor isn’t quite right. I guess I was envisioning a group of pages you can give to other devs & clients that shows how your code works & that it works correctly. If you’re writing a library or project, you can show how its api works and how other devs (and/or clients) can interact with it.


@kurtlazarus: ok, I see what you mean


^ have you kicked the tires yet?


yes, it’s pretty nice


@jgdavey: in boot, is there an option to load a dependency from a local filesystem? Like as in the :path option of Bundler?


@briandunn Moving converstation to #C053K90BR