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Still some way to go, but slack limits members to around 8K -


Slack suck 😛


that's... concerning


@gjnoonan: From the comment in #17 there, based on a call with Slack: "The only way we could stay with Slack would be to cap our user base at < 8k. Probably around 1-3K."


We’re already there.


In fact, we’re already at the top end of that range.


I wonder if it matters how many people are connected? It seems like theres usually only ~500 people connected at a time


@cfleming: we would certainly never cap our community! You and I have had discussions around this in the past, and discussed possible alternatives. Perhaps now it is time to act, before we reach that stage. We will need to gather the census from the community and put together a plan of action. I myself am still a big fan of building our own solution together as a community, the whole idea of a clojure community being written by the clojure community itself, showcasing the best “our” language has to offer really excites me. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I have not been able to be as active as perhaps I should have been to drive my vision forward— but things are getting better now…. In the meantime I have contacted slack and raised a concern, I will let everybody know when I get a reply.