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@clojuregeek: Interesting intro to Liberator, and I like the way you write… Are you planning to follow up with a “My First Liberator API…”, or similar..?


Yes I plan a follow up with a more functional api. I have already wrote about using atoms to create a simple backend. Also on my blog


@clojuregeek: nice one! I always had a misconception that liberator was somewhat overlapping with compojure & friends (I though it as another router library). I'll put on my library radar


@clojuregeek: Excellent, I shall look forward to reading… FWIW, bidi is a great routing library and if you don’t need the compojure “web” features, i.e. you really are creating just an API, with no presentation or cookies or anything browser-centric, it really comes into its own. I have not yet combined Liberator and bidi, but I’ve used bidi to build a couple of apps and I can really recommend it.


Cool! Thanks for the info on bidi.. Maybe I should try it..


@clojuregeek @maleghast : is a new kid on the block which does many similar things to liberator, is fully async, and has swagger support : i've been using it for a couple of weeks and am having a great experience so far