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There is also a windows client.


Web client is fully featured, but you have to "switch" teams which is a little awkward


I dunno. IMO Slack would die pretty much over night if someone came out with an awesome IRC GUI or other distributed nontechie friendly chat system


Irccloud didn't kill slack

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:06:50

@arrdem: have you tried irccloud? I don't find using it to be much different than using Slack tbh


@juhoteperi: i checked in with the irccloud guys : they are expecting to have a search feature shipped within the next 2 months. they've just hired a new front-end dev and will be "massively updating" the UI. they say the last few months have all been tech-debt, perf and enterprise work, so not much visible work, but that's about to change


I created an #C06MAR553 channel


as a way of rolling up general announcements about libraries, etc.


given the 10k message limit, hopefully just having an announcements channel will let some of those posts hang around for longer than a day