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Day 26-31 although I have not been updating here on slack, I have been busy away updating the ClojureBridge workshop development environment installation guides. Its now (hopefully) easier to follow the operating system specific guides (now tab sections on a single page) for Java, Leiningen and the students editor of choice (Atom with ProtoREPL or Proton, VSCode and Calva, Spacemacs and IntelliJ). I still have some work on the editors to do, especially Spacemacs and IntelliJ. I will also add user guides that have just the essentials for the students, so they dont spend more time learning the tools than learning Clojure on the day. I've also been looking at the way Spacemacs works with the REPL and especially the REPL history buffer. Currently it doesnt fit with the Evil approach and requires switching more than neccessary between Vim normal and insert states.