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Bobbi Towers00:10:58

Day 24: Basically rewrote the whole program taking a (hopefully) better approach driven by writing unit tests. I'm very pleased because it's the first time that design pattern has really clicked for me. I managed to climb out of a thick mental fog by just talking it through in the journal and writing tests.


OK: I guess I'm going to have to actually start a public journal. ;D I did 4Clojure P125 - a quine in Clojure. Took the classic "C" like approach -- ugly, Then realized I could clean it up bit with a few less quotes. Ho hum... Then I saw amalloy's solution. Wow! I think I have to go back and re-read that section in GEB. All I can say!


i'm curious and hope it wouldn't have been too obvious: what are you referring to with "4QP125" -> is this some kind of exercise list like 4clojure? and what does GEB mean? :thinking_face:☺️

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D'oh! Thanks for asking. One typo and one buzzword. I got interrupted while editing it. 1. Yes, 4Clojure #125 - creating a Quine in clojure 2. A quine is a program that when run emits it's source code. 3. Discussed in Douglas Hofsteader's award winning book: Godel, Escher, Bach (AKA "GEB"):,_Escher,_Bach

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Day 25 - quarter of the way through the challenge and I am loving every minute. Today I started to get back into the swing of creating screencasts for the Spacemacs book as well as working on the Magic section. Magit is such a wonderful Git client, so fast and full of easy to use features. I still have lots to add on Magit though.

Bobbi Towers23:10:19

Earlier today, I just happened to type "magit spacemacs" into Google and saw your video there in the results, just a few hours after you posted it