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R1D21/22: still here! 😉 spent the little time i had on 4clj again 🙂


Is there a channel dedicated to #learning in general? I don't want to clutter this channel from the folks making the 100 days commitment.


Are you looking for something beyond #beginners (for Clojure beginners) or #programming-beginners (for folks new to programming)?


I think so, yes. Beginners is pretty flooded. And the topics are all over the board. Witness your trying to teach someone the architecture of the web a few weeks ago. And there are often some topics way above "beginner". That has become one of the busiest channels. #code-reviews appears dead. There is no #intermediate channel. Personally, I'm looking for a channel for others focused on learning. This channel has been close but as I said, I didn't want to take away from those making the 100d pledge.


Yeah, #beginners is opt-in for a reason 🙂 Happy to offer advice via DM any time you want, regarding moving forward on your Clojure journey. Looks like you're East Coast? I'm West Coast so I'm not around in your mornings but I'm a night owl so...


@U04V70XH6 It would be great to encourage contributors on the #beginners channel to reply in threads as this would make things easier to follow.

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Bobbi Towers19:10:37

For me personally, this channel is a tremendous source of motivation. If you are seeking a "channel for others focused on learning", I believe you have found it - and would be delighted to see others taking advantage of it as well, regardless of level of commitment.


@U09FPJ924 I agree with Bobby, if you are looking to learn by doing and are willing to share what you have done here and on github, then I think you will fit right in.

Bobbi Towers02:10:42

Day 21: Learning Spacemacs, made a cheat sheet of just the commands I personally use


Day 22: investigating visualstudio code extensions for clojure to understand which ones are maintained (as there are several). It seems Calva is the extension to use, although you need to start the REPL from outside the editor. I was contacted by a Java developer who is interested in Clojure but didnt know how to start thinking in Clojure. I wrote a fairly simple function to compare it with defining Java class. I also showed them some basics of how to model data in Clojure and how to traverse that data model.


Day 23: Its Spacemacs Sunday today, at least for me anyway. Learnt how to use org-mode a little better and many other little improvements in my workflow. Using org-mode to write my journal log helps a lot and I think I have translated all the things I used to do into the Spacemacs / Vim approach now. Everything I am learning is going into the book I am writing on Spacemacs. Also had a discussion with one of the developers I coach about how to do environment configuration in Clojure. Aero is a really nice library if you have a lot of configurations to define and environ is great when you want to pull from Operating System environment variables.

Bobbi Towers21:10:45

I have a habit of doing a huge amount of my coding long into the night. While I'm usually pretty good at figuring out what the hell I was doing the next morning, today it felt like I woke up tangled in a spiderweb. So I've been spending all morning doing debugging sanity-checks. I'm refactoring my 4clojure terminal runner to use a more reasonable form of data persistence. And it is loads of tedious fun!

Bobbi Towers23:10:12

Also celebrating Spacemacs Sunday! Though I'm having performance issues running CIDER on this low-end laptop. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but the REPL in emacs is running like utter garbage... I got fed up and had to go back to my console REPL and Bob, my tiny toy editor and/or Leafpad. That's right - I write my Clojure in Leafpad! And I'm proud of it. However... now I'm addicted to Spacemacs, if only just for org-mode!