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R1D20: picked up completing skipped exercises and solved 86. had (again) a bit troubles to deal with extracting the solution from the lazy seq. but i feel like I'm getting better as long as I keep doing this coding hour without exception. It's still very new to me and i fear instantaneous amnesia once i get lazy. 😅 #neverforget 😜


The more times I spend practising, the harder it is to forget 😉


Today was inspired by @porkostomus as I converted my existing journal log over to org-mode from markdown. The content is much easier to work with in Emacs and I can collapse sections, navigate easily and move content around simply. Another benefit is that i can add code that is syntax highlighted in the Emacs buffer and I can also use org-mode babel to execute the code and see the results all from within Emacs without having to open separate buffers for my code. I see that @porkostomus generated Github flavoured markdown from their Org-mode content. I just pushed org-mode content as it was and it seems to work pretty well. Github uses org-ruby to generate html from org-mode files and it seems to do a very good job. I will review all the content and see if there are any issues.

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Bobbi Towers18:10:25

Oh cool let me try that

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(just finished yesterday's ramblings on my task meta-management)


@porkostomus , key with an org-mode file in the buffer will give you a menu of common org-mode commands. So to export your org-mode file you could use , e m

Bobbi Towers19:10:10

Oh thanks! I figured that must exist but hadn't found it yet.


, M-RET or M-RET M-RET creates a new heading. I find this a bit weird, so maybe there is a better way. Meta with left and right will change the level of the headings, use Meta Shift if there are sub-headings under the heading you want to move


, should give the major-mode menu for every major mode, so same for clojure, javascript, html, etc.


My org-mode chapter in the spacemacs book is still to be written, but there are a few links and details on how to add source code blocks

Bobbi Towers20:10:47

Thanks for all the quality documentation! You're making this all go so smoothly.