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Day 8 started off with some coaching of a developer new to Clojure, including setting up their environment and planning what to work on. That also spurred me on to setup my own continuous integration server, choosing CircleCI as its really good and written in clojure. As I now had a CI server, then I started writing some tests and fixing the test that came with the compojure test. More tests tomorrow hopefully

Bobbi Towers06:09:50

Day 8: Making a Clojure video tutorial using the re-frame example app


Day 9 was all about testing the status-monitor, a simple compojure app. Lots more fun writing better tests in the next day or three and making use of the mock library that the compojure template added. I also had a quick go with eftest, an optimised test runner that is a leiningen plugin (from @weavejester). I really like the output that eftest generates when tests fail.

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cool, didnt know about eftest yet. looks nice


R1D9: 4clj "lvlup". working on 4clj73 now. I feel that this daily practice is beginning to pay off 🙂 (who would have thought 😉 ). celebrated my son's birthday today, so had little time but still managed to solve quite a bit.

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