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@jumar Do you mind if I ask where you are in your journey? Is 4clojure too easy or are you frustrated by it's focus on discrete math?


@U09FPJ924 I've been more seriously involved in Clojure for the past 2 years. For the past year, I've been working with Clojure full-time. I did a bunch of 4clojure exercises (also before) but, to be honest, I'm far from completing them all (it's been a while since I did the last one) - so I don't feel that all of them are too easy (I'm actually not that good in algorithmic exercises, in general). I'm not really frustrated, I just don't think that it's something that can add significant value to my Clojure proficiency. What I think would be the best is a (reasonably) challenging personal project and a high-quality feedback from an expert but that's quite hard to embark on for me now (I can't really decide what to work on and I don't have any real expert willing to provide feedback - maybe the first point is actually more significant). Taking that into account and the fact that I wanted to read Joy of Clojure for a really long time (and that it's also a book that I heard mentioned a lot) I just feel like I'd love to finally do it 🙂

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Bobbi Towers01:09:42

This was such a great idea! Just 3 days in and this challenge has already gone collab. With the PR from @klaus.azesberger the Clojure CLI training app is now working perfectly so now I can work on adding more problems to it, or other features and stuff. Merged some tweaks to to make it easier for people to get a Clojure static site running on Gitlab Pages with Cryogen. And of course, another Just Juxt!

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Day4: continued with exercism puzzles (solved 3 and left 1 unfinished for today). the puzzles i solved today were definitely not a real challenge, but still were practice.

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I have not tried exercism yet. Pros? Cons?


only did the first few tasks, but here are my pros/cons: Pros: • idea of mentored progression is nice as it motivates and keeps you stick to it • cli client makes it ez to setup a lein project so one would already use a real project environment use real tests and stuff instead of just typing in a "klipse"-ish browser window. • upvote/comments for published solutions is nice, though sorting would be even nicer at this would encourage ppl to vote and look at least at the top 5 solutions from other devs. mb something like "now vote on at least 3 other solutions to get some internet points" and public visibility which solutions you upvoted would even improve this more. cons: • puzzles are not clojure specific. imho 4clj is way better to learn clj. • cli client is nice in some way but i'd rather get guided to perform similar with clojure code.


I have been thinking of going back and finishing last year's AdventOfCode. That had some nice chewy problems.

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yeah, thought of that too as I'd like to compete this year.


100 Days of Advent? ;D


Day for I created a really simple mock-data generator. I dont think you could create anything simpler really. If you pass it a float value, then a random float is returned. Anything else passed as an argument and an Integer is returned (unless something blows up which I havent tested).