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So I've heard about this 100-days-of-code challenge and I'm thinking about joining in. However, I did quite a few exercises like 4clojure et al before and I don't think they would be that useful for me to do them now. I also don't have any realistic project in my mind that could help me improve my Clojure skills significantly. However, I wanted to read Joy of Clojure for a long time so I've been thinking about reading it & doing exercises as part of 100-days-of-code challenge. Does that make any sense?

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@jumar If you are happy to regularly share your thoughts and progress through the book with this channel, then that would be valuable. Take a look at what the others and I are sharing. If you can contribute in a similar way, then please join in.


Sure; thank you!


Day 3 has been a mixture of experimenting with Joker and SVG graphics. Joker is very nicely integrated with Emacs, thanks to the clojure-lint Spacemacs layer. It gives lots of useful advice about your code but doesn't get in the way. For the coding I worked on the interface a little more. I created a fairly simple SVG component as a status bar and reminded myself of the benefit of using a view-box to control the size of the graphic that is generated.

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