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I hillariously failed the first task i attempted to solve today realizing that i'm gonna publish a lot embarrassing code the following 100 days... ¯(ツ)


completed the task now, because i had a previously planned video chat with timothy pratley who happens to be a really nice guy (as this community is). will still look into some of the public solutions tomorrow.

Bobbi Towers22:09:26

My first ever Clojure app was a working Minesweeper game:

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Bobbi Towers22:09:32

However, I represented the board with a single vector, probably making the mine-detector implementation much harder than necessary.


wow never would have guessed that the juxt-wizard only started 10months ago 🙂 if you have any good advice for a novice I'd be grateful!

Bobbi Towers23:09:14

Haha I'm just faking it 'til I make it!