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An initial plan for the 100 days challenge is as follows, although I expect this to evolve as I go along. Day 1: - Clojure syntax and basic language use Day 2-42: One or more exercises from the following websites - [4Clojure challenges]( - [Awesome kata exercises]( with clojure.test - [ClojureBridge London exercises]( Day 43-75: - []( - [CodeWars]( - Clacks cryptography – other more advanced cyphers - Game of Life basics / clojurescript - Tic-tac-toe clojurescript - Othello clojurescript - Connect 4 - clojurescript - Space-wars in Clojurescript / svg – ? - Some projects with spec Day 76-100: (not 77-100) - [Advent of code]( - [24 pull requests](

Rachel Westmacott10:09:43

Is day 76 a holiday?


It would seem that day 76 is the day to see if anyone else is paying attention 🙂 Thanks for spotting the typo, as 77 should be 76 of course, to hit the start of the Advent of Code for 2018.


So does rule 5 here ( negate what is being attempted over days 2 - 42?


I would say the commitment is to spend at least an hour each day on those exercises (to see how many you can get done in an hour-ish).


I'm definitely willing to ignore rule 5 🙂


I think committing to over 40ish hours of 4clojure exercises, etc is well worth the effort


I hadn't seen rule 5 until now. I will apply rule 5 partially 🙂


Don't worry about it on my account. It was just a naive attempt at a joke 🙂


I am happy you noticed it though, gives me something to consider 🙂


How does rule 5 conflict with those days' activity? I didn't actual follow that... even if it was a joke...


I think it's basically saying the the time only counts if it's spent working on a real project (as opposed to tutorials/exercises)


>I will work on real projects, facing real challenges. The time spent doing tutorials, online courses and other similar resources will NOT count towards this challenge.


Oh, I totally missed that since it was below the fold in Slack! Hahaha... OK, good point.


@yogidevbear Interesting point raised regarding rule 5, thanks for spotting that. @seancorfield thanks for the feedback. As with everything real, I expect the plan and the rules will adapt and evolve, otherwise that in itself wouldn't be a real situation. I hadnt really expected it to change before I started, however, I probably should have read all the rules first 🙂 To me the plan and rules are there to support and encourage me to do a significant amount of code every day for 100 days. Its the journey and the learning that is important to me (and hopefully a lot of learning I can share). Any changes to the rules or plan will be added to the journal I keep, along with the reasons for changing them.

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